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Side-Unzip Wagon Stroller Review

Side-Unzip Wagon Stroller Review
The new zip-down side is a great addition and there are improvements in the handlebar. Overall, we like the maneuverability, quality and folding .
Side-Unzip Wagon Stroller

Quality materials, big basket, easy folding except for canopy

Test Lab Score 《74》

  • Parent Comfort and Usability《72》
  • Kid Comfort and Usability《56》
  • Steering, Maneuverability《79》
  • Folding, Transport《76》
  • Part and Material Quality《86》

Product specification

Here is how it shapes up against the other stroller wagons we’ve tested:




35.9 lbs

Capacity in Pounds

110 lbs

Minimum Age

2 years

Goes through standard sized door


Testing and Research

We track new stroller wagons on the market and choose the best-reviewed and highest-quality wagons to buy, test and compare.

We’ve developed 65 tests and measurements we apply consistently to the wagons we test in the areas of Parent Comfort and Usability, Folding and Transport, Kid Comfort and Usability, Steering and Maneuverability and Part and Material Quality.

Our parent and kid teams put the wagons to use throughout this process and we continue to use the wagons over a long period of time to better understand their comparative strengths and weaknesses.

Folding and Transport

The Ever Advanced is super easy to fold and unfold until you factor in the extra time for mounting and removing the sun canopy. These ratings and timings include the canopy.


We can fold this wagon in only 7 seconds without the canopy. Taking off the canopy, and collapsing it adds another 41 seconds to the process.

The folding process is really as simple as lowering the handle by squeezing the easy-access button, and pulling the center of the wagon up until it sandwiches itself together.

Unfolding is the same story. With the canopy it takes 45 seconds and without it takes less than 10 seconds.

Red folding latch, and below it a folding hinge of the wagon

There is a locking mechanism to keep the wagon folded. We found that it locks by itself very consistently and does a good job remaining locked even when the wagon is being moved in and out of vehicles.

Inside of the canopy, poles, and fabric loops

The canopy is a system of poles that link together in the center and have hinges so that they can be collapsed. Slide the loops to that hold the fabric to the correct locations, and then insert the posts firmly into their mounting holes.

Folded sizes in cubic feet

The Ever Advanced folds to 30.5″ L 27.5″ W 13″ which is 6.3 cubic feet, the smallest of any wagon we’ve tested.We were easily able to put it in the trunk of a Honda Civic and in a minivan.


The original Ever Advanced is quite light for a wagon at 33.1 lbs and this Size-Unzip version is 2 lbs heavier at 35.95 lbs.

Kid Comfort and Usability

Seat Comfort

The Ever Advanced converts to a bench by releasing the metal tabs at the corners of the fabric and zipping down each side. Kids like having the accessibility to climb in and out of the wagon. At this time, Radio Flyer is the only other manufacturer that provides this capability.

5-point seat harnesses

The harness straps have a soft weave and are comfortable to the touch. There is padding on the shoulder, hip, and crotch straps that is made of the same thick, canvas-like material the sides are made of. I’m not sure if the pads are more or less comfortable than the straps by themselves. In any case, the pads can be removed if they seem to bother your little ones.

Part and Material Quality

The wheels on the Ever Advanced Side-Unzipwagon are made from PU (polyurethane) which is durable like rubber and lightweight. They are an upgrade from many strollers that use EVA foam, and a slight downgrade from rubber.

The wagon arrived with all of its parts intact and everything worked perfectly after it was assembled. The folding mechanism is smooth and reliable. The frame is solid and feels durable.

They don’t grip quite as well as rubber but they allow for large 12″ diameter and 2.5″ width tires which provide a smoother ride.

All four wheels are equipped with shock absorption which proved effective when we tested the wagon on bumpy surfaces.

Big red lever on side of wheel is the brake. Smaller lever above wheel locks it in forward direction.

Canopy poles push down the round ball marked with a white dot. The red button releases the pole.

The release button works reliably and the handle hasn’t gotten stuck in its up or down position. We’ve also found the velcro, zippers and other connectors to be high-quality and work well.

Crumb removal is easy. Crumbs and dirt can hide in the inner seams along the floor of the wagon, but is is all easily accessible by a dust vac

The fabric of the Ever Advanced is thick and canvas-like. It resists water and is easy to clean. All of the material can be removed for washing but that takes some effort and isn’t necessary.

Parent Comfort and Usability

The Side-Unzip wagon took only 13 minutes to unbox and assemble. Most of that time was simply removing protective packaging. The manual is clear, well-written, and easy to follow.

The handle is adjustable and has a wide height range from 20″ to 45.5″. Unlike some wagons, this handle should accommodate parents of almost any height.

The handle adjusts by pressing in the red button.

The handle is wrapped in comfortable leather, looks stylish, and feels comfortable. It folds down for storage

Pressing the red button and pushing it down

The pull handle on the front can telescope to its full extended length. We like how it doesn’t fall to the ground

Spacious storage basket

A nice-sized storage basket hangs on the back under the handle. The opening is 14.5″ x 7″ which is adequate for most diaper bags

Cup holder

On the front of the wagon is a fabric cup holder, and another fabric pocket with a split side to allow for wipes or napkins to be pulled out without the removal of the wipe container from the pocket.


The one thing we liked is being able to use the bottom of our foot to both set and release the brake. It didn’t hurt in sandalled feet.

Steering and Maneuverability

For much of our testing, including maneuverability testing, we loaded the wagon with 40 lbs in the front and 40 lbs in the back. To evaluate maneuverability we pushed the weighted stroller on a variety surfaces, we measured force to push and turn, and even assessed how far the stroller stays on a straight line.

Steering and maneuverability ratings:

This wagon required a low level of force to get it started rolling to a walking speed. It also required a comparatively low amount of force to keep it rolling at a walking pace.

The Ever Advanced was of average difficulty pushing straight on grass. It also had average performance pushing up grassy hills. Like most wagons, it was quite challenging to push it going laterally across the side of a hill as was always trying to turn downhill.

However, the wagon performed very well compared to most others when we took it off-road. It handled pushing over bumps, cracks, small branches and rocks quite well. This surprised me because the front wheels are 8″ in diameter and 1.5″ width, which is a typical size. The suspension seems to have a good level of tension where it gives way some for bumps but not so much that the wheels twist and hang.

This wagon has a low tendency to veer which makes it much easier to push on long straight treks. It has wheel locks in the front that make it even easier to stay on track.

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