Quick Adjust Fishing Director's Chair

Sale Price$139.99

Love fishing? The fishing chair allows you to cast off in style with all terrain adjustable feet. It's the perfect gear for an angler who knows how to relax and quickly hop into action!   MANUAL

One Year Warranty

350 LBS

Weight Capacity

18-24 inches

Adjustable Legs

17 LBS

Compact Size

Mesh Fabric

Ice fishing chair ensures breathability. Even if you sit for an afternoon, you won't feel stuffy and sweaty.

All Terrain Adjustable Feet

The 18-24" extendable legs and 360°rotatable feet enable this fishing chair to remain horizontal and stable, easily applicable to any terrain. Don't worry about fishing for wetlands, glaciers, valleys, etc.

Adjustable Rod Holder

The attached pole holder can free your hands. The fishing chair with a rod holder can be adjusted in the direction from top to bottom, left to right, without moving it around so that you can focus more on fishing.

Quick Access Cooler

Big cooler keeps drinks and food fresh and cold for a long time. Take out items quickly without losing cold air with a convenient window. Common items can be stably placed on the top of the cooler of the camping director's chair.

Multi-Functional Storage

It will store all your fishing tools and accessories! A small bag holds pliers, scissors, and other tools. Large bags can place two 3600 tackle boxes. Countless webbing belts can place knives, flashlights, and other accessories. Mesh pockets of the portable fishing chair can be used for cups or phones.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Perry
Old and Busted

I haven't had a chance to put the chair to use yet, so I reserved 1 star. What I do like is the good sturdy and tight stitching, well made soft part of the chair, (attachments and fabric), and the wide pivoting feet on the bottom of each leg—bought with the intent of going ice fishing. Waiting now on sufficient ice.

S. Olson
Very good quality chair

My first impression of this chair was how well weighted and sturdy it is. It looks great, it's easy to fold out (and fold up), and has very useful compartments for storage. You can store your drinks and ice on one side, and your fishing gadgets (or whatever) on the other. The best part about this chair is the adjustable legs, which are very easy to extend and retract. Too many times I end up fishing where the ground is uneven and I put rocks under the chair legs to get it level enough to sit in. Not an issue with this chair. You can adjust each leg to accommodate what the terrain gives you. Even on flat terrain it's nice to have the height adjustment. It has a carrying strap to lug it around and a fishing rod holder so you can relax and multitask while waiting for a bite.

I love it.!

Strong, comfortable, convenient, lightweight, easy to carry. All the bells and whistles. Plenty of room for all kinds of stuff and a great pole holder. I really like the feet on the legs that adjust to unlevel terrain and help keep from sinking in the mud. The window in the cooler is very handy.

Cool fishing chair with awesome perks.

This chair is so cool and handy. It has ready cool features and allows for extreme comfort while fishing. It’s kind of pricey but it’s a very nice solid chair.

Heather Allgood
Excellent chair!

Everything about this chair has a top quality, premium look and feel. It has so many pockets and compartments for storage. It even has it's own cooler and drink holder. It is comfortable and sturdy to sit in. The legs have spring loaded extensions in them. This chair is excellent!