6 Person Instant Blackout Camping Tent

Sale Price$195.99

The perfect home away from home for your epic camping adventures! Get ready for some serious slumbering in the 6 person blackout tent. This spacious tent is instant–making setup a breeze.   MANUAL

Color: Blue
One Year Warranty

6 Person

Provide Spacious Rest Space

Blackout Tent

Perfect for Sleeping

22.3 LBS

Compact Size

Dark Inside Tent

The blackout tent is perfect for sleeping in and allows you to have enough private space. It also keeps out most temp changes with the blackout fabric.

Great Ventilation

3 large zippered mesh roll-up windows and the overhead net window for plenty of airflow and heat dissipation for the pop up tent. The skylight offers adequate vision for the camping tent while the rain provides protection against the rain.

Internal Storage

Storage bags of the instant outdoor camping tent can store keys, phones, etc. The woven belt can hang your light, fan, or clothes. The reserved wire channel allows external power to pass through.

6 Person Blackout Tent With Porch

Instant Tent

The easy-up camping tents can be set up in the 60s, and it's easy for even 1 person.

6 Person Blackout Tent With Porch

Portable Spacious Tent

Open dimensions are 9' x 9' x 73", while the packed size is 7.9" x 7.9" x 47.6". The 6 person tent provides spacious rest space and is foldable to a compact size for storage and carrying to camp, expedition, and outdoor concerts. Item weight is 22.3 pounds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rodeo Red
One person can set this up!

Really nice tent when it is set up, and yes, one person really can do it, although it took me 15 mins by the time I put on the rain fly. Taking it down and packing it up is another thing. The legs do not fold in the way the instructions say they do. I would have had to break them to get them to fold according to the instructions; 30 mins later it still did not fit back in the bag. Matter of fact, here is a pic of all the things that do not fit back in the bag with the tent. I am hoping that the legs will work next time I try to set up the tent.

Bradley Shaffer
One of many, now even more campouts. Super easy set up!

Can't complain about the price or quality. I was running late and my first time setting up was easy even in the darkness of late evening. The blackout inside was great, daylight definitely stays out. You will not be awakened by bright sunlight. Queen siz air mattress and still plenty of room for everything to bring inside during sleeptime.

Survived Heavy Rains

Made it through a 4 day trip. Hours of heavy down pours. Floor was wet by door, zipper may not have been closed. Also when you open the door it falls back into the cabin, so any water on door will get in. Nothing a quick wipe with a towel won't fix. Extremely satisfied with this tent.

FYI - Pinholes in darkening material are only in the darkening material, not in the rain fly. Rain fly is solid!

Susan L.
Very Delicate Flooring

It's nice and dark, easy to pop-up with two people The only issue I have at the moment, the flooring is very delicate. Highly recommend using a tarp underneath. Even when testing out as we did

B. Gish
Great tent

I love this tent! Great color, very quick and easy to set up and take down, with a roomier tent bag than usual. The fly is easy to attach, the black interior is perfect for sleeping in and no shadows, I can hang my hanging tent fan off to the side directly over my cot and still use the gear net in the middle and not hit my head on the fan. Window coverings tuck into themselves at the bottom of the window, extra storage- very handy, mud flap is attached and works well. Door zipper is good. I like that I can secure the two door zippers together with a twist tie or even lock it if I want to. I like the bathtub style tarp floor. And did I mention I love the color???