Compact Camping Cot

Sale Price$59.99

This cot's incredibly easy setup and adaptable to any terrain makes it the perfect travel buddy for when you wanna' take it to the great outdoors.    MANUAL

Color: Heathered
One Year Warranty

250 LBS

Weight Capacity

‎76 x 25.6 x 7.9 Inches

Unfold Dimensions

11.8 LBS

Compact Size

Adapt To Any Terrain

U-shaped support makes the folding bed more suitable for muddy or not flat ground. The portable camping cot fits perfectly in your tent. It's low to the ground, but it keeps you away from the wet, cold, and the ground.

Easy Setup

The sleeping cots are easy to assemble and no tools are required. Sturdy steel frame and 5 locking legs for stability.

Pack Down Small

The small cot stores up super compact and fits in the high-quality carry bag, folded dimensions 27.6"L x 8.7W" x 3.5"H. It's easy transportation for camping.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fits in the back of my Ram!

I bought this based on the dimensions because I needed something that would fit in the back of my truck. This fits perfectly inside the indents of the truck bed, if the bed wall was smooth it would be too long.

Paired with a self inflating pad, the combo is much more comfortable than an air mattress (and quieter)

Takes a couple minutes to assemble and take down but it packs great in the little case.

It's a cot so the material is stretched to make it firm and I noticed the stitching looks like it's on it's way out after only 6 trips. I hope they sell the top part separately because it will be a waste to toss the entire thing over a bad seam.

jim cosco
That cot is very nice. The bag it comes in is premium

It's perfect for me on my bike adventure Riding

Great for the price.

Very easy to set up. Seems to be comfortable. Haven't used it camping yet. I do think it would need some extra padding for optimal comfort. A bit heavier than anticipated. If weight is an issue this might not be the cot for you. Although it's on the lighter side for the price point.

Challenging assembly but great results

It took me at least 15 minutes to set this up. It was a pain sliding in the pole into the cover. Every time it reaches a notch, you have to manually guide it through the next one. Sometimes it gets stuck and is a pain to complete.
Overall, assembly was not fun, but I have to admit that it is comfortable. I'm only 5' 5" so this cot is longer than I really need. The cot cover is very firm and does not sag in at all.

Leo Kim
Convenient and Sturdy Cot; Easy Set up and Take down

This thing is surprisingly easy to set up and take down! Upon receipt, I wanted to see how quickly I could put it together. I think it took me all of a minute or two. Very simple and intuitive!

The components and materials appear to be very durable and sturdy. It definitely feels quality and like it's going to last. I weigh approx. 170 lbs., and when I laid down on the cot, it was nice and firm with just a little bit of "give." In other words, it was pretty comfortable. The width was sufficient and the length had plenty of room for taller folks. Taking the cot down is as simple as putting it together, and it packs away nicely in the storage bag. There's plenty of room inside the bag for other things, too, if you want to consolidate some of your gear and use the storage bag for more than just the cot itself.

I highly recommend this cot. It's extremely practical, intuitive, easy to set up and take down, and comfortable. I wish I had this cot when we went to Kings Canyon for camping several months ago!