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All terrain Wagon Stroller Review

Ever Advanced all terrain Wagon Stroller

We bought the Ever Advanced Foldable Wagonstroller and tested it against 10 other stroller wagons. It is an affordable wagon, that maneuvers relatively well and is small enough to transport easily.

Good value

Test Lab Score 《74》

  • Parent Comfort and Usability《66》
  • Kid Comfort and Usability《70》
  • Steering, Maneuverability《70》
  • Folding, Transport《76》
  • Part and Material Quality《79》

Product specification

Here is how it shapes up against the other stroller wagons we’ve tested:




33.1 lbs

Capacity in Pounds

110 lbs

Minimum Age

2 years

Goes through standard sized door


Testing and Research

We surveyed all the popular wagons on the market and selected the highest-rated wagons to purchase and run through our set of 65 tests and measurements.

We conducted these tests over a several-month period and continue to use the wagons in real-life situations.

After analyzing all the benefits and problem areas of stroller wagons, we chose 5 categories for testing. These include things that are important to both parents and kids, as well as important operations like folding, steering, terrain performance and more.

Folding and Transport

Fold time without the canopy is fantastic at around 10 seconds. With the canopy, it adds 40 to 60 seconds to the fold time.

The snack tray can be attached to the main push handle to give you someplace to put it when the wagon is folded.

Unfolding without the canopy is also very fast at around 10 seconds. Putting the canopy back together and attaching it can take an additional 40 or 50 seconds.

Quick fold without the canopy.

Folding without the canopy consists of removing the snack tray, lowering the handle and pulling up in the middle until the wagon collapses and the latch connects. Fast and easy.

Unfolding and attaching canopy at 5x actual speed.

With the canopy however, each canopy post must be removed from its hole, the plastic posts fold inward, and the fabric has to be adjusted to allow the posts to fold correctly. Then the canopy gets stuck in an unzipped compartment on the front of the wagon.

It fits fine in the trunk of a Honda Civic and easily in the back of a minivan.

The Ever Advanced wagon stands when folded and is smaller than many of its competitors at only 8.1 cubic ft.


The original Ever Advanced is quite light for a wagon at 33.1 lbs ,it is also among the lighter wagons which makes it easier to manage than some monsters like the Jeep Wrangler and Wonderfold W4 Elite.

Kid Comfort and Usability


Strapped-in kids sit with their backs straight and feet out in front of them.The bottom of the wagon is relatively soft and padded.

5-point seat harnesses

The harness straps are soft and there are shoulder and crotch pads as well. You have to clip the upper and lower pieces together before inserting into the buckle and there is definitely a learning curve!

Snack Tray and Storage

The snack tray is very large with deep cupholders. Because the sides of the wagon are 14 inches from bottom to top, the snack tray ends up being eye or chin level for smaller kids. It has to be removed when you fold the wagon.

EVER ADVANCED all terrain wagon


When the canopy is up, it does a decent job depending on the direction of the sun. You have to slide the posts through pre-made fabric loops .The canopy posts fit into little holes designated with a white dot on each corner of the wagon.

Part and Material Quality

The large rear wheels of the Ever Advanced wagon

The rear wheels are 12″ in diameter and 2.5″ wide which is wider than any other wheel we’ve tested. Generally, bigger is better for going over rough terrain.

Front-wheels of the Ever Advanced. The brake and wheel lock buttons are red

The front wheels are slightly larger than most at 8.5″ in diameter and not as wide as most at 1.6″ in widthThe front wheels have both independent brakes, and wheel locks to keep the front wheels pointed straight.

Parent Comfort and Usability

We tested and compared storage, cleaning, brake operation, cleaning and accessories to evaluate how well the Ever Advanced wagon makes parents happy.

The handle is adjustable to in a broad range from 28.5 inches to 42.5 inches, which accommodates practically everyone. The single button makes it easier to adjust than other wagons that require you to push two buttons simultaneously.

The snack tray mounted on the push handle.

The handle is wrapped in comfortable leather, looks stylish, and feels comfortable. It folds down for storage

Push handle

The push handle has a rubbery foam.

Pull handle

The pull-handle is convenient and stays stowed in a retracted position on the front of the wagon. It snaps out and extends easily. It also stays out without falling down like the pull handles of some other wagons.


There is a zippered storage pocket in the back with some smaller pockets on the outside. It is easy to reach from push position.

Pull handle

In the front there are two additional storage compartments. One is a fabric cupholder shape and the other is a pocket with a fabric velcro flap.


There is a single rear brake pedal that affects both rear wheels at the same time.

Steering and Maneuverability

Steering and maneuverability ratings:

To get an apples-to-apples comparison of steering and terrain performance, we loaded all the wagons up with 80 lbs of dog food to perform all of our tests.

Terrain Performance

Keep in mind that for normal street and sidewalk strolling, the Ever Advanced wagon performs fine. It’s only when you get off-road that it won’t keep up with wagons like the Evenflo Xplore and Veer Cruiser.

Grass: We didn’t have any problem pushing the Ever Advanced through the kind of grass you find in parks and on sports fields.

Hills: We pushed it up grassy hills several times fully loaded. It wasn’t easy but on par with other average wagons.

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