Special Needs Program

Thank you for choosing us for your family. We'd love to offer family members with special needs a 10%-25% discount on suitable EVER ADVANCED products !

To qualify, your medical care provider (usually a board-licensed medical professional) must determine that your child or elder will benefit from the use of our products. There must be a benefit (whether it is emotional, physical, psychological, and/or social) to the patient in using our products. We do not determine if the patient is eligible for this special discount.

Once the medical provider approves, they must complete the Medical Form below. Afterward, please send it to us by email. Our team will get back to you via email with your exclusive code. Product must be purchased directly from our website. For any questions regarding this change in policy please contact us directly at info@everadvanced.com


  • Promotional codes must be used at the time of purchase. We do not allow partial refunds
  • After the order has been submitted.
  • Discount codes cannot be combined.


Please allow 7-10 business days for your application to be processed.


Download the Medical Form and have a licensed medical provider complete it.


Contact us and send the form by email and tell which product you want to apply for.


Receive a 10%- 25% off code! Codes may not be shared.


Here are some our customers who enjoy our Special Need Program:

  1. Brian :"My dad who has had 3 back surgeries, 6 fused disks, multiple herniations, all of which have effected his hips,he need a zero gravity chair to relieves the pressure on his back, hips and spine".
  2. veronyx phoenix:" I wanted an indoor/outdoor zero gravity chair that I could set up wherever I am pretty easily as a person with invisible disabilities and chronic pain".
  3. Glenda :"Husband is 6'3" and just had his knees replaced. He needed something a little taller than the standard chair,so that can less strain on his knees and easier to get out of".
  4. Michelle Sotelo:”My son is going to be 5 with autism,we need a light kids wagon to take him out with his toys because I had spinal surgery”.